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Since 40 years, offering transport services which revolutionized the industry.
Lower Mainland Fast Freight Inc.stands tall as a testament to decades of unwavering commitment to quality service. Since its inception in 1984, our family-owned business has been a cornerstone of reliability in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. For nearly four decades, Lower Mainland Fast Freight Ins has been synonymous with trust and reliability in the transportation industry. As a family-operated company, our dedication to quality service has set the standard for others to follow. From humble beginnings to becoming a key player in the local carrier scene, Lower Mainland Fast Freight Inc. has navigated the intricate landscape of logistics with a steadfast focus on delivering excellence. This journey mirrors the growth and development of the regions we serve.





Lower Mainland Fast Freight Inc.

101-1500 Hartley Ave, Coquitlam, BC V3K 7A1 | Phone: 604-420-4300 | Fax: 604-420-0605
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